Katrina, Neha, Vidya and others, seem to know this very well. Play with Ash and you will end up in Ash.
The journey from miss world to a number one actress in Bollywood was not easy piece of cake for Aishwarya Rai. As an actress, Aishwarya has done justice to most of her roles and succeeded in making many of them immortal.
Her poise and charm has won the hearts of millions around the Globe. Aishwarya is one among those few Indian women to niche her place in the history. Recently released Ravvan proves that Aishwarya is going to stay for long. It is heard that Bachans were at a mixed feeling of envy and pride after seeing her performance in Ravvan, to such an extent that, senior Bachan blamed the editing crew for not having included “voracious” acting moments of his Son.Well, we all know what the junior Bachan is capable off. He is lucky, and can be proud to have a wife like her.

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