Aishwarya Rai pics

Aishwarya Rai pics

Aishwarya Rai pics- In fact, she was also heard letting everyone know that she intends to get rid of some 9kg over the next couple of months

It was at the same venue a few months ago that the Rai (Aishwarya Rai pics)was photographed with a double chin, dressed in what was critics described as a sack.

Meanwhile, Rai (Aishwarya Rai pics) has not appeared to be affected by the constant focus on her weight gain. At the 65th Cannes International Film Festival, new mum Ash was quoted as saying: “An actor is in the public eye, there will be opinions.

“I’m very thankful to everyone out there who gives me so much love and so much positivity that the negativity doesn’t come in here, it just doesn’t touch me at all.”

And she joked there’s no way Aishwarya Rai pics going on a diet for anyone.

“I think in life it’s important to be healthy,” she said. “I have always enjoyed my food and I have never been one for strict diets and I’m not taking any recommendations now either!”

This is the 10th year that Rai Bachchan appeared at Cannes as one of L’Oreal’s spokespeople.

Mum Ash returned to face the camera nine months after giving birth to Beti B.

Her weight loss is evident in her most recent commercial for Kalyan Jewelers. The diva was also present to inaugurate the 36th branch of the group, where Aishwarya Rai pics said: “Like you all know, I have shot for this brand – the commercial and the campaign – after a bit of a break.

“But I haven’t felt the time at all.

“It was really wonderful to be here and shooting such a beautiful campaign for such a special brand.

“Kalyan Jewelers, as a brand, will always remain such a special experience and memory for me because this is the first campaign that I have shot after the birth of my beautiful daughter Aradhya.” - Aishwarya Rai pics

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