Aishwarya Rai pictures

Aishwarya Rai pictures

Aishwarya Rai pictures has stepped back — in to the limelight as well as the glaring appraisal of Aishwarya Rai pictures weight achieve post delivery. More than the final fortnight some leading news channels, news papers and sites have been running stories on how Aishwarya Rai pictures has ‘let herself loose’ (loose with pun intended – on her fans, media and scores of girls who see her as an inspiration). I’m horrified watching and reading this. I have robust reasons for this :

1) In talking about Aishwarya Rai pictures weight and her overflowing dresses, we are totally doing away with the truth that she does not must be within the shape we want her to be. We are taking away her independence to be what Aishwarya Rai pictures is. Has Aishwarya Rai pictures spoken or endorsed anything at all connected to being slim and or getting curvy? Has Aishwarya Rai pictures argued that she hasn’t gained weight? Has she duped her advertising/business partners by not delivering what Aishwarya Rai pictures promised? Have we got any news in regards to the Bachchan loved ones becoming upset about Aishwarya Rai pictures’s weight gain? None from the above. Why should we go after her about her weight? Aishwarya Rai pictures has just turn into a mother. About 5 months back. Practically everyone knows it wasn’t an simple pregnancy for Aishwarya Rai pictures. So, why are we becoming graceless towards the lady who is hands down essentially the most common female Indian export towards the planet?

two) By consistently talking about her weight, we are also negating the truth that Aishwarya Rai pictures on the contrary is very comfortable in her present avatar. At least that is what I make out from her appearances. Aishwarya Rai pictures is touching 39 and has been an A lister brand for two decades – the longest for any indian actress/female model. If Aishwarya Rai pictures is comfortable becoming who she is and has evolved from getting a model, to an actress, to a wife and now a mother — why must we remain hung over her past and not accept her in her present shape when she does. A lot more importantly, by talking about her weight in the manner its getting done- we’re also demotivating millions of overweight individuals or women who battle with post pregnancy fat. Think about the amount of motivation such ladies can receive on seeing Aishwarya Rai pictures in her present avatar – calm, collected.

3) At a time when we’re celebrating the voluptousness of Vidya Balan in the Dirty Picture, isn’t it ironic that we’re debunking Aishwarya Rai pictures for being overweight? Although one particular does concede that the Malaikas and Amritas with the world lost post pregnancy weight really soon, the truth is they perhaps needed to do a lot much more than Aishwarya Rai pictures. Her profession just isn’t about performing item songs, making appearances at P3 parties in skimpiest of the dresses or based entirely (only) on her body. As a person who has consistently been an more than achiever, we should let Ash be in her space. Right after all, name one heroine in Bollywood who had the courage to take on all of the three Khans and nevertheless survive in the sector on her own terms. Interestingly as we throw a tantrum about Aishwarya Rai pictures’s weight, her international brands stand firmly with her – be it L’Oreal or Longines. When the ones that have put in their funds on the lady aren’t fretting, why are we?

4) For all those saying that Aishwarya Rai pictures may not come be able to stage a comeback if she doesn’t lose her weight soon sufficient – let me just say — do we know for confident that desires to produce a comeback right now? Are we also certain that if Aishwarya Rai pictures does, she won’t lose weight? More importantly, are we certain that if she does make a decision to come back in her present avatar, no producer will cast her? As someone who has handled her profession with a excellent deal of maturity and shrewdness, shouldn’t we let Aishwarya Rai pictures make a decision what she wants to perform with her life. And why should there be a hulla boo about her comeback when possibly all Aishwarya Rai pictures wants to complete is appreciate her motherhood.

5) By talking about Aishwarya Rai pictures’s weight, we have also sidelined all of the productive folks in the film and tv medium, who’ve been overweight. Weight should not be a measure ofa woman’s success, talent and life particularly if 1 can be a new mother or is recovering from an illness or is struggling to more than come weight problems. And for all of the wisdom of those that ran the stories about Aishwarya Rai pictures’s weight — they were the ones who went crazy talking about Oprah when Aishwarya Rai pictures came to India. But the last time I checked about her, Aishwarya Rai pictures was overweight! Wasn’t Aishwarya Rai pictures? And Happy too!- Aishwarya Rai pictures

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