Aishwarya Rai pics

Aishwarya Rai pics

The shape which Aishwarya Rai pics is in five months after her pregnancy has generated unusual public interest together with the Bachchan bahu coming in for some criticism for the “oodles of weight” gained by the actress.

But some celebrities that have been associated with the 38-year-old Bollywood star defended her saying that like any other lady the new mother would absolutely take some time to shed pregnancy weight.

Some social media writeups sought to suggest that the star just isn’t taking her weight achieve seriously. However, some blogs and tweets also have come out in Aishwarya Rai pics defence with comments that the focus on her post-pregnancy weight gain was pathetic.

Actually, Aishwarya Rai pics looked a whole lot slimmer in the press conference conducted by the Bachchans at their residence, Jalsa, immediately after the baby’s arrival. But in current photographs, Bollywood watchers say it appears as if Aishwarya Rai pics is heavier by 5 to six kilos. – Aishwarya Rai pics

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